Monday, May 27, 2013

The Rock Shop

Josh and I wondered into a little rock shop in the town of Zion. I don't know but I just really liked it. All of the rocks were beautiful and so many of the quartz and geodes were native to the area. I ended up buying a ton of gems (which is awesome to travel with I'm sure). We met Marian who worked at the shop. She talked to us about the history of Zion and growing up in the area. She also told us about how she had a form of M.S. as a child and believes that she was cured as a result of soaking in the Pah Tempe hot springs on a weekly basis for about 7 months. She talked to us about her late husband and hugged us when we told her it was our anniversary. She even gave us a beautiful stone to take home with us- then she explained that it's actually petrified dinosaur poop. Her and her rock shop was a definite highlight of the trip for me. Too bad I didn't snap a picture with Marian!

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