Monday, February 10, 2014

20 Weeks

I'm halfway through my pregnancy, which means the doctors reward us by telling us baby's gender. It's a boy! A stinky, peeing outside, trouble-making, dirty old boy. We couldn't be more excited. Josh is going to be a great Dad and I am already imagining the backyard camping, lego building and explosions of drum and feedback from the basement that is sure to come. Our blobby boy is totally healthy and weighing slightly over a pound today. It was amazing to watch him punch and kick and wiggle through the ultra-sound. He's ready to rock. We can't wait to meet him. 

As for me I'm feeling great. I've gained 16 pounds, which I'm told is more than enough for this stage but I like to think that there is a great intellectual power passed on to children through their parent's cookies. I am told I have an anterior placenta which means that I have extra padding between myself and the baby's kicks to my belly. I am able to feel little boy Bachman when I lay on my side but it'll be awhile before he's strong enough to make himself known for Josh to feel. He looks like this right now:

This is his foot. Totally cute.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Maplelag 2014

Josh and I just returned from our third annual Witt-Blue-Bachman family vacation to Maplelag. The weather was colder than we have been accustomed to but the snow was great and the trails were beautiful as usual.  It was a bit strange for me this year because my gear doesn't all fit and my center of gravity is a bit off but I was proud of myself for getting out as much as I did. 

Because I didn't ski as much as I usually do we needed to find some new activities (besides eating cookies and taking naps). Josh and I went snowshoeing...

We also found our way into the game room...

Josh took me into the tower for some sparkling juice as we watched the sun set.

And finally we wore crowns.

This is our last year sans the third generation! We made sure to spy on other families who had infants and devise some good plans for next year. Another successful Maplelag.