Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last Dianas

I got two rolls of lomos back from Ryan Atienza (holla Ryan! Thank you!). I told you there were light leaks. Holy bright and blurry. I'm definitely going to upgrade cameras. That being said I still wanted to share a few that I thought turned out cool. Some of these go back to last summer and it was fun to find some of these lost moments.

This one of Eli is from Northern Sparks and it's definitely my favorite of the bunch. Which only makes sense because in general Eli is my favorite of the bunch. 

I like this next one because I was one of the private reception guests...

If you click on the next one to make it bigger you can see a very old picture of Marc just behind Josh...

Bright but I love this next one because it's Nick opening a bottling of sparkly.

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