Monday, July 22, 2013


Alyssa and Mark (and Oliver) are so awesome. They invited us to spend the weekend with them at their cabin on Lake Osakis near Alexandria. It was just what the doctor ordered. Here's what we did: slept, ate, drank, swam, napped, read books, went boating then everything all over again. Thank you so very much to Alyssa and Mark for your friendship and hospitality.

Oliver is so darn cute!


Capt. Alyssa

Now that is a cute family.

Handsome boat boy.

Life lately...

We've been slowly crossing things off the list around here. Home owner life is good and every day I think we love our house even more.

Here's a look at our little chalk board check list (notice any checks?)

Apparently my husband is a master craftsman because when I mentioned I was obsessed with honeycomb shelves he just up and made me some. Now they're on the wall.

Here's some art that I stole. Word has it that this was an inside job. It definitely makes this corner a little bit special.
The bike made it up. We still love this weird wall art that my Dad put together at my request.
We need to get a new step in to stop water from sneaking in to our basement. Josh and his buddy Chris went all super manly men and rented a jack hammer to tear up the old step. There will be pictures of the sweaty dreamy muscled men to come I promise.
Last, but certainly not least, Josh found this remnant of a ping pong table left in our garage. He decided to make a table for our deck out of it. I told you he was becoming some sort of a master craftsman!

The chair is here!

The dining room table was our first big home splurge and the reupholstery of our living room lounge chair was the second. I bought this great atomic lounge chair off craigslist about 4 years ago for $40. The chair was in decent shape and I knew some day it would be perfect if it could be re-done. My cats really loved the fabric and did some damage with their claws so I needed a non-textured fabric moving forward. It also needed new cushions and springs to make it super comfy. Here's the before:

I worked with Kirstin from KL Upholstery. She was recommended to my by the dudes at FindFurnish as being THE go-to lady to fix up all your danish modern and atomic needs. And she sure did. Kirstin said that when she opened the cushions they were filled with straw so yes she did a complete cushion makeover as well! Here's the after:

The table is here!

Josh and I worked with one of our favorite local artists Eric Andersen to have a custom dining room table built. We felt it was important to have a special table around which we could make new memories and traditions in our new home. Eric is an incredible artist and musician and man about town so when we learned he was also a carpenter we knew right away we wanted to work with him. Eric took me along to Wood From the Hood where I was able to pick out the slabs for our table top. Wood From the Hood reclaims wood from felled trees in Minneapolis and sells it to be repurposed. Eric also measured our dining room so we could make sure the table was perfectly built to fit our space. We are amazed with the final product and so thankful to Eric for his hard work and artistry. You can see more of Eric's work here:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What's for dinner?

Grilled chicken caprese sandwiches

You absolutely can't go wrong buttering up some crusty bread and melting tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese on it over the grill. Add some grilled chicken and you're not messing around.