Monday, April 18, 2016

Witt-Bachman Family Denver Adventure Time.

Denver was awesome. Who knew it is such a hip city? I didn't and I was pleasantly surprised with this entire trip. First off we traveled with our friends Mark and Alyssa and their son River and stayed in a great airbnb. Bowie was a champ both ways on the airplane and especially enjoyed sleeping in a queen bed. He and River played so well together. Bowie called him "baby" and seemed to relish being the big kid for once:

Besides napping and watching way too much Cars and Thomas the Train at the airbnb we managed to get out. First we went to Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods, which was spectacular.

Babies in backpacks rule. Yup here the boys are high fiving:

And the dads look mighty pleased with themselves. Hiking with kids on your back is no small feat.

Josh and Mark had a date night. Here's all the evidence that exists. I think there was a pedicab involved and who knows what other sordid details?

We went to Boulder and drove up to the mountains on the most glorious day ever.

Here we are at the Denver Zoo where we were SUPPOSED to feed giraffes. I was told the giraffe feedings were "suspended" and demanded to feed something with my hands. Here we are enjoying the lorakeets, although not nearly as much as we would have enjoyed giraffes.

Some other highlights of the trip for me were eating Biker Jim's Gourmet Hotdogs. We got wild boar, elk and reindeer dogs and they were magical.

I also had an epic date night/birthday night out with old man Josh Bachman. We had the very best food ever at Linger, which is an old mortuary turned food truck inspired restaurant with ghosts everywhere (or so I was told). We went to Forest Room 5 after which is a bar themed like a forest with fire pits, a stream, dead animals, teepees, a bear pit room and so much more. We had too much fun to take pictures although I met an extremely famous actor there and sorely regret not getting a snap with him...