Saturday, April 19, 2014

30 years and 30 weeks.

Josh turned 30 last week, I turn 30 next week and our baby turned 30 weeks yesterday so of course we needed to celebrate our 30s. We had a brunch party and we are thankful that the weather cooperated and our home was accommodating to so many bodies. We want to thank everybody who turned out (with spectacular food, cards, gifts and children) to celebrate with us. I always wish that I would have taken more photos but realize that I was too busy having a good time to think about it. Some pictures I didn't post because you are more beautiful than my photography skills captured. 

*A note about being 30 weeks pregnant. I am feeling huge all over but trying not to judge because I know my baby boy is happy, healthy and growing quickly. I'm starting to slow down and it's become more difficult to do simple things like bend over, sleep and get into and out of my car. I've been feeling pretty short on energy and patience and am going to push myself to up the walking and yoga for the next 10 weeks. That being said it felt really good to have so much positive interaction with friends today. I felt a nice burst of oxytocin. I'm super looking forward to the upcoming baby showers and getting to spend more awesome time with friends and family. Have I also mentioned how great Josh has been? He's been incredibly helpful and patient. I don't think I would have gotten through the last few days without his help and love. I feel so good about the community our son is going to be born into. That's the very best birthday present I could ask for.

Notice these children hiding in the very back of my closet. So cute.

Denim twins.

Busted coming down from the make out room.

Demonstrating proper child handling techniques.