Thursday, February 18, 2016

Disco Lounge

We (meaning mostly Josh) have been working diligently on our basement. Our hopes of eliminating the asbestos grew into a vision for a Disco Lounge. We have redone the flooring, spray painted the radiator and waterproofed and painted the walls. What you can't see from the photos is the gold sparkle border we painted as well. I will share more pictures once we are complete with the furniture and disco balls and I promise to invite you all over for karaoke and cocktails soon.



Duluth Ski Weekend

We spent the long President's Day weekend in a villa atop Spirit Mountain. We did some cross country skiing and even more eating and drinking. While we usually go to Maplelag for this sort of thing I think that switching it up was a good move for us. Here we are with mimosas. Bowies is n/a.

Friday was bitterly cold but we made it out the other three days to cross country ski.

Bowie enjoyed being pulled in the ski poke and we each took turns enjoying the extra work out. Buns is so darn cute in his snow suit.

The little prince was spoiled. As usual. He had daily Jacuzzi baths, ate cookies and was read to as much as he wanted. He rewarded us by sleeping through the night and taking solid afternoon naps.

We brought a selfie stick so I have a lot of really bad selfies and this one good one:

We ate at Duluth Grill twice (!!), visited Canal Park, picked up sandwiches from our tops favorite the Northern Waters Smokehaus, sampled beer at Bent Paddle brewing and Josh and I managed to sneak out to Superior one evening for good and cheap craft cocktails from the adorable Spirit Room. Otherwise Superior was gross.

The last and final thing I will address is my first time downhill skiing. I was a master on the bunny hill but the rest was a disaster. I fell down multiple times and truly feared for my life. I am bruised and sore and don't think I shall return to this sport. I'm glad I tried it out, though. I was also glad to see that Josh really can snowboard and hasn't just been lying to me all these years. I'm also glad for drinks in the chalet, which I think is what most people do when they go skiing and snowboarding anyways.

Thanks to my dad and Sarah for this fantastic weekend!!!