Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Goodbye summer. We loved you so much!

I'm writing this as Bowie attends his first day at a new day care and I am preparing to go back to work tomorrow. I cannot believe how quickly the summer flew by. I am excited to be starting my new position at Lionsgate Academy as their Support Services Supervisor and acting as their on-site Mental Health Specialist. My LPCC should be coming in the mail any day now, too. I think Bowie will enjoy being around other kids and having more structured learning, reading, art and outside play throughout his day. Never the less today is sad. We had a great summer and I feel that (almost) three months of time together has bonded us even more than before. We did everything we wanted to do and have a few adventures yet to come before it starts getting chilly. Bowie and I went to the MN Zoo, Como Zoo, Mill City Farmers Market, Nokomis Farmers Market, Stone Arch Bridge, camping, visited friends in Bemidji, went to a wedding in Duluth and in the cities, went for bike rides, visited the library, swam in lakes, pools and splash pads, went out to eat, played with friends, had picnics, went to a pizza farm, visited 2 breweries, pet animals at Wild Rumpus bookstore, ate ice cream and popsicles and so so so much more. Here is a smattering of pictures I took. I was so caught up in the fun that I didn't photograph as much as I usually do but I think that is a good thing. 

Here are some great summer fun photos...

The day the tree was removed. All the trucks and tools were so cool!

Lake Superior from Duluth.

Lake Nokomis.

Minnehaha Falls.

Our neighborhood kiddie pool.

Wild Rumpus Bookstore.

St. Anthony Falls from Stone Arch Bridge.

MN Zoo goats.


Hanging with best buds:





Bowie Bachman: 1 year

At 1 year...

MILESTONES: Has 6 teeth, is pointing, smashed his first birthday cake, says "mama", "dada" or "daddy", "cat", "duck", "chicken" and "cherry", can identify his nose and teeth
LIKES: Summer, snuggling and giving kisses, remote controls and cell phones, the TV show 'Daniel the Tiger', anything with wheels, the tickle monster, cherries and watermelon
DISLIKES: When mom and dad go to work, not being able to drink coffee, beer or La Croix

Here are some photos from my birthday party..

We had a great day for Bowie's birthday. We hosted a backyard party for friends and family. All the grandparents were able to attend as well as about 35 other folks. Bowie had a special tiny bundt cake to smash but of course he was very careful with it. Afterwards he swam naked in the pool with his buddies. It was a success. I only wish I would have taken more photos but we were so busy having fun.

Being Bowie's mommy is the absolute best thing that's ever happened to me. I feel happiness I've never known before. I cherish every second I get to be with Bowie. I feel so lucky that he's everything I hoped our child would be and more. He's funny, brave, kind, gentle, social, aware, curious, calm and has great style. I feel the heart break of preparing him to go into the world but I am so totally proud to say he's my family. I am in awe of all the growing he's done this past year! From our helpless and tiny little skinny frog legged baby with tubes in his nose in the Special Care Unit to the big chunky baby who laughs at me when I tell him to be careful as he is attempting to stand and dance by himself. When he looks at me and says "mama" I know I will forever be (happily) at his disposal. I love you little buns buns! Thank you for growing in my belly and making your Daddy and I a family with you. We are better people because of you and only hope that we can teach you all the ways to adventure with happiness in this world. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Bachman-Witts eat their way through Wisconsin.

Best family photo ever.
We took an exciting vacation to Wisconsin. It was Bowie's first time camping and we achieved our goal of doing a lot of eating and drinking. Wisconsin is a wonderful place to eat and drink.

We camped at Governor Dodge State Park. Bowie was a pro tent sleeper and enjoyed being outside for hiking and swimming.

We were able to take a day trip to the small towns of Mineral Point, Monroe and New Glarus (where we definitely drank beer and hung out at the brewery).

The town of New Glarus is straight out of Switzerland. Everything is Swiss. We even found Rivella. We ate a traditional Swiss lunch of rosti and spatzle with Bowie. 

New Glarus brewery is built to look like the ruins of an ancient castle and is a great place to hide in turrets and drink your delicious beer.

Next we traveled to Madison and spent a couple of nights in a fabulous Airbnb, which had a toddler room and toys for Bowie to play with and cable TV for Josh and I to binge watch True Blood. We visited the famous Madison farmer's market at the capital, ate in many delicious restaurants, caught up with our friends Amanda, Bill and baby Corrina and visited the botanical gardens.