Monday, December 8, 2014

Bowie Bachman: 5 Months

At 5 months...
MILESTONES: First Thanksgiving, first road trip to visit family in Roseau, first sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa Vana, started eating sweet potato, avocado and bananas, can roll from tummy to back, in "happy baby" pose all the time, holds his own bottle, first Christmas tree
LIKES: Tickles, bath time, jumping in 'Johnny Jump Up', eating at the table with Mom and Dad, putting his feet in his mouth, "petting" the kitties (i.e. grabbing a fist full of fur and not letting go).
DISLIKES: Teething! 

Here are some photos from my fifth month:

We traveled to Roseau to spend Thanksgiving with family. Here are some photos of our family:

Four generations

My ladies are Aunt Anna, Mom and Grandma Julie

All the Grand babies and Great Grandma Donna

With Grandma and Great Grandma
After Roseau we spent the night in Bemidji with our friends Craig, Dana and Baby Mia:

We went to a night parade.

There are no words for how cute this was.
In November I also had a sleepover with my Grandpa Dick. Here's a picture of us after getting lots and lots of sleep...

And finally here we are picking out our Christmas Tree at a very special and secret tree location that was very authentic and deep in the wilderness and was definitely not the coffee shop down the street:

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bowie Bachman: 4 Months

At 4 months...
WEIGHT: 14 lbs 3 oz
MILESTONES: First Halloween, first road trip, starting eating rice cereal, can roll onto his side, sleeping in his crib all night, smiling and laughing
LIKES: Being thrown in the air, "surprise" games, pat-a-cake, driving in the car, singing and dancing
DISLIKES: Loud groups of people, going out to eat, going to sleep at night, and when he's not getting enough attention

Here are some photos from my fourth month:

We had a pumpkin carving party with my friends Sayer, Althea and baby North. 

Here's the pumpkin my parents made me. 

I was a fox for my first Halloween. 

My friend River was born. He came over on Halloween dressed as a mummy. 

Mom took me to vote.

I'm attempting to eat rice cereal from a spoon for the first time.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


We took Bowie on his first roadtrip. The plan was to take Bowie to the "David Bowie Is" exhibit at Chicago's MCA. We didn't have much time (we left Thursday and returned Saturday) so it was a definite whirl wind trip. I was a bit apprehensive about how he would do during the long drive there and back but he was fantastic (mostly sleeping and playing). The spectacular fall colors also made the drive enjoyable. Overall I would call this trip a success. Day 1: we drove to Milwaukee. Here we are taking a rest stop break:

We stayed at the Milwaukee Athletic Club, which was fancier than expected. We were able to swim, steam and sauna at the hotel which was super relaxing. From the hotel we were able to walk just a block to the Milwaukee River and explore the city along the River Walk.

Perfect weather!
Unfortunately we were only in Milwaukee on a Thursday. Maybe next time?
Yes we drank beer and yes we ate cheese curds but the best part was the Safe House. I can't tell you too much but if you're ever in Milwaukee you can look for International Exports Ltd. Luckily we knew the password so we were able to enter through the bookcase and hang at the bar for awhile. It was Bowie's first time at a bar. I don't have any pictures from inside because it's top secret but essentially it's all you can imagine that a bar/restaurant for spies would be.

Outside of Safe House.
Day 2: We ordered room service and took our coffee up to the roof top of the hotel to enjoy a bird's eye view of Milwaukee before we hit the road for Chicago.

We got into Chicago in time to do some vintage shopping and enjoy lunch then it was off to the MCA. David Bowie Is. Other than paying $34 for parking it was sooooo worth the trip. The exhibit was truly amazing. We each had headphones that synced to whatever part of the exhibit you were in. There was music, lights, handwritten lyrics, costumes, movie props, live show sets, art wow everything David Bowie. We weren't able to take pictures inside the exhibit (we did sneak one...) so we mostly indulged in photographing the outside. It was the best, most interactive, engaging, exciting, interesting exhibit I've ever seen. Bowie just slept but I'm sure he experienced some of his namesake through osmosis. We are bigger Bowie fans than before that's for sure. 

Yes. Jareth's crystal ball from Labyrinth. We had to take a picture. Shh. Don't tell. 

After the exhibit we got to meet up with our hosts, the fantastic Marc and Janice. They have the cutest new apartment in Pilsen and lucky for us they were sprucing up for a housewarming party so we got to see the place in all of its glory. Marc made dinner, we drank wine and had a nice evening together. Bowie is in love with Janice. Our friend Katie stopped over and it was great to see her too! Silly me I forgot to snap a pic of Katie so you can just imagine in your head that she's a beautiful lawyer lady.

Bowie and his love Janice.
Bowie and Marc have the same hair style.

Day 3: Bowie got to "sleep in" with the big kids. We had time for brunch at Dyseks and the food there alone would have been worth the drive to Chicago. Then it was the long drive back home. Like I said, it was a whirl wind but definitely worth it. Thanks Marc and Janice for hosting us and being brave enough to have a sleep over with a new baby.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bowie Bachman: 3 Months

 At three months...
MILESTONES: Sleeping through the night (mostly), holding head up, started day care, first apple pick, first block party, increasing amount of milk at each feeding and getting fatter, gaining control of hands and legs, has favorite toys and a blankie, attended a baby shower and a bridal shower.
LIKES: Bath time (and splashing), cheering, stretching, foot massages, singing, music from "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", reading books, my grandparents, smiling first thing in the morning, tickles and gazing into my mama's eyes.
DISLIKES: The sound of sneezing or sniffling, too many people talking at the same time, my crib,

Here are a few photos from my third month:

I love to suck on my hands and this is my favorite blankie.

Wearing ear protection at the block party.

My first Monday home with Dad.

Mom on her first day back to work. 

My daycare lady Shelby.

First apple pick.

I got put in this basket.

Hanging at my Grandma and Grandpa's house with mom. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Bowie Bachman: 2 Months

At two months...
WEIGHT: 10 lbs 14 oz
HEIGHT: 23 inches
MILESTONES: Smiling, cooing and having "coversations", can recognize my parents, can see farther, my hair got curly, my neck is getting stronger, spent a weekend at the Orchard, spent a weekend with my family at Great Auntie's house in Aitkin, went to 2 farmers markets, had my first shots, and have a bedtime "routine" that includes a bath.
LIKES: Mom, singing and music, being talked to, sleeping in bed with mom and dad, sucking on my hand, bath time, early mornings, and when family visits.
DISLIKES: Television applause, shots, cold bottles, and being put down after being held.

Here are just a few photos from my second month:

Sitting in my bumbo chair and holding my head up 
Eating good farmers market food with Dad.
Dad is forcing me to like certain bands...

First shots :(

My family at our annual up north weekend.

Dad is playing me a lullabye.

With my Mom and Dad at our Orchard weekend.