Friday, March 6, 2015

Maplelag 2015

Ah. Once again a great time was had by all at our annual Maplelag cross country ski vacation. This year was extra special because we included Bowie in the adventures. Here's an interesting outfit my father chose to wear:

In the meantime Josh and I did a lot of wearing Bowie.

We didn't have much snow this year but Maplelag did a wonderful job of grooming with what they had. The weather was mild which made it easier to be out for a ski as well. We pulled Bowie in a little sled while he slept.

Speaking of sled we had some fun pulling Bowie around on the ice. This year was a first for my Dad and Josh to try out some ice fishing. I took a traditional yoga class and Josh and Sarah joined me on the ice for my first "snoga" class as well.

The bear is still holding down the fort.

We stuffed our guts full of food. My favorite this year was the coconut cream pie and Bowie was happy to eat a pickle.

There was plenty of relaxing as well. We did our fair share of napping, hot tubbing and drinking french champagne. Thanks again to my family for another wonderful year!

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