Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bowie Bachman: 8 Months

At 8 months...

MILESTONES: First Valentines Day, first airplane trip, 2 bottom teeth, waving, chewing food, dancing
LIKES: When other people yawn, sneeze or make funny noises with their mouth, actively working against you when you're changing his diaper
DISLIKES: Being done with reading time, when Mommy drops him off at day care, having stuff taken away 

Here are some photos from my eighth month...

Helping make a special Valentines breakfast in bed.

Loving the squeezy foods. 

Aunt Anna came to visit.

Aunt Lindsay came to visit. 

Grandpa Dick took Bowie on his first trip to Cabelas. 

Bubbles. The best thing ever.

Getting that baby Highlites Magazine in the mail!

Seriously. Bedtime/jammy time is amazing. 

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