Monday, February 9, 2015

Bowie Bachman: 7 Months

At 7 months...

MILESTONES: Learning his mouth, more babbling and sticking out his tongue, rolling every which way, eating 2nd food (mixed foods), preparing to crawl by rocking on all fours, using a sippy cup, clapping
LIKES: Floor time, sled rides, toys, other babies, being tickled, head and back scratches, drinking water from cups at restaurants
DISLIKES: Bed time, missing out on the party

Here are some photos from my seventh month...

We are spending lots of time outside. Bowie is learning how to enjoy winter.

We took a trip with Grandma Julie to the Swedish Institute.

Bowie got to meet Floyd the world's best poodle.

Grandpa Marcus stopped by with the gift of this fabulous sled! We've been going for sled rides.

Hanging out with Grandma Lynn.

First visit to the Como Zoo and Conservatory.

Grandpa Gary and Aunt Anna came for a visit.

Playing with baby Opal.

Bowie gets to ride in the cart now!

Helping himself to some water.

Nobody knows why but Bowie has enjoyed making this scrunchy face.

Teething on the table at Dogwood Coffee.

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  1. Bowie is growing so fast! I love to look back through his progress!