Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More pictures of Bowie because he's darn cute and thoughts on summer.

Monday all the staff return to Lionsgate Academy to start a new school year. This was my first summer in a very long time WORKING and man was that a bummer. Actually it was and it wasn't. I enjoyed the work at LGA. Working summer school was a great experience and it was my pleasure to step in as a service provider and actually meet with students again. It was also an honor to be part of opening a brand new building and have ownership in the process of organizing and setting everything up. I was glad for the physical labor as it was a nice change from desk work. That being said it was a weird summer for me personally. I can't put my finger on it but it just seemed hard. I came to realize that I rely on my summers for my self care. I tried very hard to focus on my personal health this summer. I started seeing an acupuncturist for the first time and had cupping done. I established care with a new/rock star chiropractor. I became a regular twice a week at my local yoga studio. Josh and I tried and failed and tried to re-do our kitchen (success at last). I guess it was a very real and very introverted summer. In a way that feels boring or like I failed at maintaining my usual adventure life. In a way it was very much what it needed to be. I can say that I regained clarity of my mind and my goals this summer. I feel healthier than ever and I feel motivated to get some new things going in this upcoming school year. I feel confident about my job for the first time since I began and I feel excitement for my team and future in our school's new location. In a funny way it feels like now that summer is done I can finally begin to relax and enjoy some of the fun and adventures that are in store.

Blue toes.

Helping pick peas in the garden.
Bowie only loves water and loves it a lot.

Ice cream at the MN Zoo.

Jump City- He only wanted Grandma.

Actually he only wanted to play on this car.

Naked in a pool.

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