Friday, August 12, 2016

Bowie the Birthday Boy (AKA "I two!")

My son turned two and basically we partied about it all summer long. I will recap the events below. I wanted to first share my feelings about having a two year old. My son has grown so fast. I did not know it was possible for two years to go so quickly or that such growth and development could happen in such a short span of time. I knew it but I didn't know it. My son has developed into his own special person. In the world he is empathic and funny and mellow. At home he is assertive about his feelings and boy does he have a lot of them that he can cycle through quickly. He is like his mom in that he is so excited about adventuring and seeing new things. He is like his dad in that he loves to come home and snuggle and recharge. He is nuts about swimming and eating cookies. He loves trains and monster trucks and fire hydrants (to whom he sings the ABCs). He's brilliant and loves to read and count. He wants to hide under blankets and whisper. It's important to him to have a "thing" with others-whether it's a phrase, a game or a look that is special between only him and that individual. He is the absolute joy of my life.

We started birthdaying early at my dad and step-mom's annual solstice party at their place in Red Wing. Bowie chowed down cupcakes and ran through the sprinkler and enjoyed some news toys. The real hit of his life was the gift of a wooden train set that we have yet to see because my father only doles it out piece by piece but so far Bowie sleeps with his train pieces and loves them so much.

Party number two happened the weekend of his actual birthday. Josh's dad, aunt and sister all came to town to visit and his mom joined us for Nadia Cakes and back yard grilling. As you can see above the next real birthday hit of his life was the plastic red car that every kid MUST have. Bowie still has not figured out how to drive it with his feet but he is content to sit in it and hang out.

His last party was at my Aunt Lori's house in Aitkin. The whole family was there (Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, my mom and step-dad, Lindsay and her BF Danny). Bowie was thrilled and spoiled all weekend. He loved his monster truck cake and still plays with his "cake car" at home. The hit there was definitely the teepee from my Grandparents. I have no photos of it but I can tell you he was very picky about who he would let in to read books to him. He also enjoyed a boat ride as seen above and had a predictable melt down when we tried to help him to swim in the lake.

Bowie is one loved child. Happy birthday Bunny!

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