Monday, July 22, 2013

The chair is here!

The dining room table was our first big home splurge and the reupholstery of our living room lounge chair was the second. I bought this great atomic lounge chair off craigslist about 4 years ago for $40. The chair was in decent shape and I knew some day it would be perfect if it could be re-done. My cats really loved the fabric and did some damage with their claws so I needed a non-textured fabric moving forward. It also needed new cushions and springs to make it super comfy. Here's the before:

I worked with Kirstin from KL Upholstery. She was recommended to my by the dudes at FindFurnish as being THE go-to lady to fix up all your danish modern and atomic needs. And she sure did. Kirstin said that when she opened the cushions they were filled with straw so yes she did a complete cushion makeover as well! Here's the after:

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