Monday, July 22, 2013

Life lately...

We've been slowly crossing things off the list around here. Home owner life is good and every day I think we love our house even more.

Here's a look at our little chalk board check list (notice any checks?)

Apparently my husband is a master craftsman because when I mentioned I was obsessed with honeycomb shelves he just up and made me some. Now they're on the wall.

Here's some art that I stole. Word has it that this was an inside job. It definitely makes this corner a little bit special.
The bike made it up. We still love this weird wall art that my Dad put together at my request.
We need to get a new step in to stop water from sneaking in to our basement. Josh and his buddy Chris went all super manly men and rented a jack hammer to tear up the old step. There will be pictures of the sweaty dreamy muscled men to come I promise.
Last, but certainly not least, Josh found this remnant of a ping pong table left in our garage. He decided to make a table for our deck out of it. I told you he was becoming some sort of a master craftsman!

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