Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We got ourselves a bathroom!

If you've been following our adventures then you've probably heard that we did a bathroom renovation. We decided that because we only have one, tiny bathroom in our home that we might as well make it amazing. It took 10 days, rearranging our home, moving Bowie upstairs with us to avoid the dust, showering at Mark and Alyssa's house, some rowdy punk rockers, dry shampoo and thankfully warm weather to bath Bowie in a Tupperware container in the backyard but it was so worth it.

I am semi-mad at myself for not taking "before" photos but just imagine salmon pink tile on the walls (some with a decorative squiggle line and some without), a clunky wooden vanity that held a square sink and filth and grime that has accumulated since the house was built in the 1920s.

We were so thankful to hear about Cory Crust at Upper Crust Finishes through a friend's recommendation. He is the real deal. His attention to detail was incredible, he had great ideas based on his years of experience and he was the nicest person to have in our home. Bowie thought he, his tool ands his truck were the coolest.


So without further adieu here are our "after" photos:

The tile is amazing.

New shelving built into the wall. The tile is, again, amazing.

All new everything. *sigh*
New light fixtures.

Cool custom shelving over the (newly spray painted) radiator. That will keep the hand towel warm and toasty!

In love with these handles.

Awww. Did you ever think a toilet seat could be so cute?

We took an awesome door from our basement and moved it to the bathroom. So pretty.

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