Monday, April 6, 2015

Bowie Bachman: 9 Months

At 9 months...

MILESTONES: Crawling, pulling himself up to standing on furniture, first Easter, 1 top tooth, chewing small bits of solid foods (like pancakes, scrambled eggs, cheerios, sweet potatoes and tofu), saying "dada" and "mama". 
LIKES: The bathtub drain, eating leaves and sticks, everything reading, being outside on stroller rides and for meal times, jumping in jumper, story time, touch and feel books, electronic book and radio toys, his blankie.
DISLIKES: Teething, bumping his head, not being able to catch the cats. 

Here are some photos from my ninth month...

Great weather means great daily stroller walks.

Food is increasingly fun.

Sleeping "buns up".

Continues to enjoy making a "squinch face".

Story time with Dada is the very best time.

Enjoying a day with baby North.

Bowie goes bananas for his jumper.

Mom was on spring break so we got fruit smoothies together.

It finally warming up which means we eat dinner on the deck.

We had to lower the crib due to this surprise...
Snuggles with my Easter bunny from Grandma Lynn.

First Easter card from Grandma Julie. 

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