Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kitchen Rehab

We finally tackled some kitchen projects and boy do the updates make a big difference. Our kitchen utensils are easier to locate and the extra counter space means that Josh and I can work together in the kitchen without bumping into one another. First we painted our kitchen mint green.

 This was our stove area before. It was wasted space above the stove:

We added some shelving, a magnetic knife rack and a bar we can hang potholders from:

Although I'm going to miss my chalk board we decided we could make better use of that space as well:

Now we have a pegboard ala Julia Child:

Finally we decided to spice up the corner of our kitchen. Before we had our microwave on a small cart:

Now we have a custom cabinet from Ikea that perfectly fits the space. We are able to keep our garbage and our microwave within the cabinet. We also had room to hang our suitcase spice rack:

Voila! We hope you will come over and let us cook for you soon!


  1. I love this post so much!! I want you to cook for me and me to cook for you! :) Miss you A.Witt