Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer reading

Here's what I read this summer:
Everybody and their mother is reading or has read this book. Quick read. If you haven't read it you should know it doesn't read like a book. It's a story that unfolds as you read newspaper articles, diary entries, texts, letters, emails etc. from and between all the characters. Fun concept. Good summer read.

This book is about a dude who doesn't understand that he has ASD and attempts to find a wife. It was funny, quick and endearing. Another good summer read.

Nope. Read a few pages of this and said, "no thank you." I don't get the hype. It just seemed like it would be a bummer.

Short stories. Well written and creative plots. I struggle with short stories because I want all of them to be entire books. Some of these were total bummers but overall pretty good.

Good read. This is about the world of professional dancing in the 70s and that is just plain fascinating. Also there is some mystery and heartbreak and a satisfying ending.

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