Monday, October 12, 2015

Reading Lately

I have been keeping up with my reading but honestly it's been more misses than hits. Here are my most recent reviews.

 Season of Storms. Ugh. So melodramatic and written for what I can only assume are low functioning people. I got bored really fast. This is supposed to be a romance novel with a mystery or some level of creepiness or something. I seriously got halfway through this book and there was still no romance, mystery, creepiness or substance so I gave up. Not worth reading.

I FINALLY read His Dark Material Trilogy. Seriously! What took me so long? These three books were absolute perfection. I enjoyed every second and they just kept getting better. I felt the same as I did when I read The Lord of the Rings or the Narnia books and similar classics. This story has kept with me since finishing the books and I find pleasant reminders and comparisons almost daily. I can't look at people anymore without imagining their daemons. Mine is of course my orange cat Rocket.  Please do your favor and read these IMMEDIATELY. So good.

Nope. Three modern mysteries in one book. All boring and confusing. I appreciate the effort to be new and take a different approach but unfortunately I felt these failed. The mystery was how confusing it was to even understand the mysteries. And then to add insult to injury they never really got solved. Frustrating.

Depressing start to finish. Everybody is talking about this book and I found it to be a total bummer. There was little to no payoff at the end, too. I actually felt that the closer I got to the end the more depressing the plot got. I don't understand why people feel the need to take actual depressing factual life events (in this case the holocaust) and create a story that adds additional stomach turning grief. Wasn't the true situation sad enough? Don't bother unless you want to feel shitty about humanity.

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