Monday, June 22, 2015

Book Review: Denton Little's Death Date: Lance Rubin

Ugh. Here's a book that was recommended to me that I really wish hadn't been. Also I was not aware before getting my hands on a copy that this is a YA book. As usual with YA books these days this book was set in the future with some implausible predicament imposed on society by the government. Also, if you were wondering, yes it is set up for a sequel and what I can only imagine will become a TRILOGY. Far be it from YA authors to do anything different. Will it become a movie too? One can only hope. It was also poorly written and it makes me upset that authors think that teenagers are only capable of reading short sentences and small words. Initially I was sort of hooked into the plot where everybody at birth finds out the exact date of their death and they get to have their funeral the day before etc. It makes for some interesting thinking. In this story the character has known since birth that he will die while he's in high school. What would you do if you knew you were going to die young? What would you do differently in life just knowing the date of your death? Does it matter? This book presumes quickly, however, that these questions are too advanced to ponder and instead focuses on getting the main character drunk and to prom. No. I will not be reading the sequel. Or what I can only guess will be the sequel to the sequel.

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