Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sputnik DIY

If you must know anything about me then you should know that I love Mid-Century Modern decor and I love a good DIY. Since I first laid eyes on a sputnik chandelier I've been obsessed with having one in my dining room. The problem is that a good sputnik will retail many hundreds of dollars and I just couldn't justify paying that kind of money. Then! One day I was trolling the internet for sputniks (like I do) and I came across this beauty for under $200.

I couldn't believe my luck and promptly ordered it without consulting my husband. It arrived and was just as beautiful as I hoped it would be. My husband had his doubts and rightly so. Once it was installed it looked beautiful (from outer space). All the mini bulbs were crazy bright and our electrical system stated smoking and sparking.

Sorry for the not great photo but I had little time to photograph the sputnik before we took it out and shipped it back for a full refund. I was heart broken. It turned out our old house has old electricity and can only really handle something with one bulb. The problem is that most sputniks are sputniks because they have a bunch of bulbs. I decided to get my DIY on. I'd had my eye on the Stockholm light at Ikea for quite awhile but didn't know quite what I would do with it.

It's kind of sputnik-y, it has one bulb and it's totally affordable. I went into the store for a closer look and discovered that all of the off-shoot pieces are assembled at home, which also means I could alter the manner in which I assembled them. I did some math and screwed around with the pieces a bit to create what I consider a pretty darn good sputnik- all things considered.

I think I mostly like this light because it makes me feel like I beat the system. Of course it's not what I originally had in mind but I'm proud that I saved a bunch of money and put it together myself. Plus it's way more fun then the flush mount that looked like a boob and has been there forever. I don't know if this is my forever light but for know it's my DIY sputnik and I love it.

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