Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mason Jar Pendant Light

We inherited this lovely pendant light that hangs above our sink when we moved into our house. Don't get me wrong. The light is fine. It just didn't seem quite "us", though, and was on my list of things to update.

As I was looking for a new pendant light to buy I spotted some mason jar pendant lights on etsy running between $50 and $100 bucks. Luckily I have many of my own mason jars including this cutie:

I slapped a lid on it and traced the shape of the light bulb hardware that was already above my sink. Then I used a hammer and a nail to hammer holes around my tracing. Lastly I used scissors to cut out my hole. Note* I made some extra holes in the lid to let some heat out when the light is on.

Yes I did use a different jar when I was doing my hammering. I didn't want to bust up the nice one. Once my hole was cut I screwed the jar onto my hardware and voila my new mason jar pendant light was born:

Please disregard the DIRTY DISHES! Agh. I'm learning how to photograph this house of mine. Anyways now I'm on the prowl for an edison bulb and we should be all set. This was a nice quick and easy diy. I am pleased.

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  1. Your Mason jar pendant light is very unique! It just looks perfect for your kitchen. At the very least, the light it produces certainly warms the whole area. Cheers!

    Eleanor Roy @ Douthit Electrical